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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #206
By Andy L • Issue #206 • View online
It’s a new week! Welcome to another Web-Crunch digest.
I send this newsletter out as I author new content. If you prefer I send something more regularly, like a weekly issue, I can entertain the idea! My goal isn’t to spam you unless there’s something new to share.
Last week I kicked off a newer mini-series called “Rails Quick Tips.” The idea of the series is to share some things I picked up along the way using Ruby on Rails that aren’t always obvious to newcomers or even avid developers. There are many “Aha” moments when using a framework, and I find Rails to have many of those. Some things seem magical, and others put a smile on your face thanks to how handy a feature or toolset is. Below are the first two so far. These will be no more than 10-minute videos on average.

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