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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #196

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #196
By Andy L • Issue #196 • View online
Welcome to another Web-Crunch digest. This week I came back with some new content after suffering from a bit of burnout. I have a tendency to take on too much at once. As a maker/designer/developer I have endless amounts of ideas to build new things on the side of working full-time. It’s no surprise this catches up to me every so often.
If you’re ever suffering from burn out this is just a friendly reminder that it’s perfectly okay to pause working towards your goals. Maintaining good health, both physically and mentally are super important.
What happened this week
I broke ground on a new Tailwind CSS-based series where I build individual components you might use in the wild. To kick things off I start with Card components. The goal of this series is to help non-designer-focused developers be able to code their own components using my guides as examples.
I also recorded part 19 of my Let’s Build for Ruby and Rails developers series. The work on this series has been slow but steady. I still haven’t skipped a beat in filming the entire journey so I hope I can keep up that streak!
Some other bullet points:
  • The YouTube channel just broke 14k subscriptions. That’s amazing. Thank you if you’re a subscriber 🙏.
  • I got a sweet new camera that I plan to help increase the production quality of my tutorials/vlogs. I’m still learning the ropes of the camera but look for some new and improved content soon.
  • I’m considering starting a private community where we could talk shop, network, and learn from each other. Is that something you’d be interested in?

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Scream Aim Fire - Album by Bullet For My Valentine
This is probably my favorite album following the early days of Bullet For My Valentine. I can’t say I like the direction they’ve been going today but they have some bangers!
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Andy L
By Andy L

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