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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #193

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #193
By Andy L • Issue #193 • View online
Hey there!
This week I dove deeper into the Let’s Build for Ruby and Rails developers series. We integrated some inline up-sells on the new job form which leverages Stripe, Vue.js, and Rails on the backend. Slowly but surely I’m getting close to calling the form portion of the app done. I think it will be the biggest/hardest feature to finalize but we’re in the home stretch. Next up I’ll be dealing with validations and handling success/error states as a customer goes to fill out the form and purchase. There is a lot still to do but I can see the finish line!
This week I also released a quick guide on how to use scopes in Ruby on Rails. Starting out I had no idea what scopes were and just how powerful they could be. The ability to chain and extract complex queries from your controllers is super powerful!
Up next I’m working on a two-part series involving API-based Rails apps. I’ll walk you through how to build a simple API and structure the data returned to your liking with serializers. Look for this soon!
– Andy

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Andy L
By Andy L

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