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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #191

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #191
By Andy L • Issue #191 • View online
Welcome to another Web-Crunch digest. I just hit publish on a new mini-series devoted to CSS Flexbox. I use flexbox daily to make dynamic layouts of which used to be a chore with things like floats. With new support for flexbox and grid, CSS is becoming a powerhouse of opportunities on the web design front. Understanding the concepts is pretty crucial so I hope this collection of videos/blog posts can be of some use.
Coming up I plan to keep chugging on the Let’s Build for Ruby and Rails developers project. If you haven’t been following that series you can check the collection of content I’ve made for it so far here.
The TL;DR; for that project is me building a new Rails/Ruby developer marketplace for jobs/networking in public.
I’m working on another side project as well I hope to talk about soon in the podcast space. It’s making me consider getting into some mobile app development since I think having a companion app alongside the monolith Ruby on Rails app could be awesome. I’ve been looking at React Native as a stack to use. I’m more of a Vue guy but React Native + Expo looks very appealing. Excited to uncover more about it soon!

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Listen of the week
From time to time I enjoy using Pandora and just letting the music play. I’m digging classic rock this week.
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