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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #187

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #187
By Andy L • Issue #187 • View online
Welcome to issue #187 of the Web-Crunch Digest. This is my informal weekly newsletter where I share the latest content from and design/programming news around the web.
Last week I explored a neat feature brought to you by default in a new Ruby on Rails application called delegate. Using this pattern you can assign public class methods from one model to another which allows you to skip the typical object chaining issue you sometimes run into when your relationships get a little advanced. Check out my guide for more details. (also find it below)
Additionally, I published a “quick tips & tricks style” of video about the HTML title tag. There are many SEO benefits from formatting the title tag a certain way. I go over those and some suggested guidelines. Find that linked below or check it out here.
Lastly, I published a new blog post about building “shovels” which in the software space means building software that enables other people to make their software or resources that they in return sell. As a “shovel” your duty is to keep other businesses’ lights on in some cases. I think its a great area to explore if you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur and looking to get into the Software as a service game. Check out my blog post and quick explainer video (also linked below).
Next on my agenda
This week I’m working on some more content. I previously published a Crash Course on HTML that I’ve taken and turned into another Crash Course on CSS. This is recorded but I still need to edit it and get it ready for prime time.
I put together another guide on installing Tailwind CSS v2 using Ruby on Rails that I hope to get out this week.
I also hope to continue my Let’s Build for Ruby and Rails developers series. So much to do and so little time!

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Listen of the week
I haven’t listened to a lot this week but I was excited to hear the new Architects single drop. The band is evolving a bit but I’m still a fan.
Black Lungs
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By Andy L

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