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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #186

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #186
By Andy L • Issue #186 • View online
Hey dear reader!
Thanks for tuning in to another week of the Web-Crunch Digest. In this week’s issue I continue the Let’s Build for Ruby and Rails developers series with a goal of perfecting the “job posting” experience for the new platform I’m building. You’ll find part 13 linked below where I do some refactoring to the Vue.js app we are building within the Ruby on Rails application.
If you need a refresher of what exactly I plan on building you can refer to Part 1 of the series for an overview. The end result will someday soon live at
This build will be my longest yet. I’m documenting the whole thing in public and aim to publish a new part each week. My approach is slow and steady given my day job, family life, and other side projects but I’m excited to see how it unfolds no matter how scrappy it will be!
A new course is coming!
As a subscriber I want to fill you in on some of my future goals/plans with Web-Crunch.
I very quietly launched a new landing page for a new course in the past week or so. It’s called Hello HTML & CSS which you can find at You might recognize the “hello” concept from my previous course about Ruby on Rails called (P.S. Look for a Black Friday discount next week if you haven’t picked it up yet 😉)
Long term, I plan to create courses covering a vast array of topics following a similar pattern (i.e. using “Hello” in the title).
To kick things off I’m starting with the basics and then moving into more advanced stuff. If you follow me because of Ruby or Rails content I produce, rest assured, that content is my first love and will continue to publish it. My Let’s Builds are a great way for me to learn/experiment/teach and share. I plan on making more of those as well.
Finally, you may notice an increase in published content in coming up. I’m pushing more beginner material out there where I can to start teaching to more folks who are just getting started. I learned from my first course (Hello Rails), that a lot of people really wanted to learn the framework but lacked the foundational knowledge of the web. I’m hoping I can help with that.
Thanks so much for tuning in. Let me know if you like this style of writing in this email. In the past I’ve made this newsletter more of a series of relative links I found interesting each week. I’m happy to write and share more from week to week if that appeals to you. Hit reply to this email or tap on the up vote icon to let me know.
– Andy

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Listen of the week
I never used to be a Doors fan but my parents were. Having lost both my parents I find some comfort in listening to the songs they used to when I was younger. It’s funny how much music can have an impact you. It changed my life for the better. Everything I do today has been an absolute Plan B. When I was a younger gun I played guitar in a band and wanted to do that for a living. Life is a mystery sometimes. Enjoy the Morrison Hotel Remaster.
Morrison Hotel (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) - Album by The Doors
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Andy L
By Andy L

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