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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #183

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #183
By Andy L • Issue #183 • View online

Latest Web-Crunch Articles
How to super charge your new Rails app workflow
Latest News & Articles
What It's Like Being a jQuery Maintainer
JavaScript's Memory Management Explained
Counting things in Active Record
Weekly Inspiration and Resources
Pure CSS Oil Painting
radar/humanize: Takes your numbers and makes them *fancy*.
Notable Tutorials
Prevent layout shifts with CSS grid stacks - Hubert Sablonnière
How I set up a Rails application for testing
amatsuda/jb: A simple and fast JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails
Listen of the week
This section is new. I’m a musician myself and really love more rock/hard rock/metal music. If you’d like to see more like these let me know 🤘 🤘
POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR - Album by Bring Me The Horizon
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Andy L
By Andy L

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