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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #177

Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #177
By Andy L • Issue #177 • View online
This week I posted something a bit different on the blog. I decided to talk a bit about an idea I had taken on earlier this year called Compose. It’s a communication tool I positioned towards teams looking to communicate asynchronously.
Ultimately, the project didn’t pan out even though I’m not quite sold on the fact that it’s dead just yet. Within the article I go into more detail about what I learned and where I’m heading next.
The video companion gives you a quick walkthrough of the app. I’m hoping to share more about the internals of this app to give some insight and value to you who might be interested. Perhaps there’s a chance to repurpose it for additional course material as well.
For now I’ll mark this one up as a loss. To everyone who reached out to show support and/or liked/read the article I appreciate it greatly. It means a lot to have you all behind me. ❤️

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