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Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #170

Thanks for tuning in for another issue of the Web-Crunch digest! I'm busy working away at new content
Web-Crunch Digest - Issue #170
By Andy Leverenz • Issue #170 • View online
Thanks for tuning in for another issue of the Web-Crunch digest!
I’m busy working away at new content and just published a six-part series for Ruby on Rails regarding email subscription workflows. Find that article linked below with a full written version as well.
Behind the scenes I’ve been proactively working on my next larger project I’m calling Compose. It’s a new, yet familiar, take on team communication. Having lived through the downsides of real-time communication, I wanted to counter that culture with a new asynchronous tool aimed at communicating more thoughtfully across your team.
Look for more content on the Web-Crunch YouTube channel and blog soon. I’ll include behind the scenes dev talk about the making of the app as well as my journey to hopefully find product market fit.
You can learn more about the goals and the project at Also check out the blog for more updates as they come. I’m making an effort to be as public with the build phase as much as possible.

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